Roots: Turning cultural behavior into opportunity

Think Globally, Act Locally

Combining a global mindset with local knowledge, we created a strategic framework for new, regional beer brands

Due to this project, 213 families are now producing cassava, that is largely used as raw material for production process

The Roots project is a beer case study in which we developed new regional Ambev beer brands. This is a real world example of how we accelerate new businesses inside big corporations.

So far, the results have been outstanding: more than 3 million BRL revenue for small farmers that would not even farm the root before this initiative. Over 6 thousand people were economically impacted by it, with nearly 12 tons of raw material harvested in these states.

Through a mix of diverse skills that go far beyond visual identity, we also developed a systemic brand strategy to deliver meaningful and concrete results.

In this case, we developed a strategic framework for Ambev brands using agile methodologies to compete in the low price category for beers in different Brazilian Northeastern regions.

Ambev beer brands: Uncovering new markets

Our Research & Strategy team conducted in-depth ethnographic research in places like Recife and Caruaru to identify unique opportunities for Ambev beer brands that dialogue with local cultures.

During our research, we saw the impact cassava has in the daily lives of people in the region in terms of work and income.

With this insight, we developed a product strategy that would use cassava as a main ingredient in beer that would be locally produced using cassava from local farms and be integrated to Ambev’s beer list.

We also used visual codes inspired by behavioral patterns of the regions that became pillars of the brands visual identity.

After the success of the first launch, this beer case study has been replicated in 4 other Brazilian regions with more in the pipeline.

An ever growing family of Ambev beer brands is born!

By disrupting the production line, we created an authentic and democratized brand platform for Ambev that empowers people in these regions – and we’re excited to see how it’s replicated in new markets.

This successful beer case study won the Best World Changing Idea LATAM 2021 from Fast Company, and was also featured in an article by the Financial Times.