An all-time sweetheart, with more Brazilian spirit

New Fruttare packaging



visual identity

The reinterpretation of a classic – Kibon's Fruttare ice pop – evokes the origin, freshness, and juiciness of fruit picked off the tree.

Besides revamping the packaging of already existent flavours – lemon, grape, caja and coconut –, we also created a new concept,

It’s a fact: at first sight, the packaging is responsible for catching the consumer or not. But Fruttare’s new Muita Fruta line of ice pops had a new story to tell. And to do so, we had to go beyond Design and create a new conceptual language.

The new flavours – made of only four and far more natural ingredients – called for an updated and transparent style. After all, modern customers are increasingly connected with and demanding about the origins of the products they consume.

With the productive chain in sight since its early stages, including where the fruits are produced and who actually produces them, we created, in partnership with LiveAD, a clear and genuine language, getting rid of excessive graphic resources and highlighting what really matters: fresh fruit.

The handmade typography, combined with messages like “Strawberries from the Southeast” and “Coconuts from the Northeast”, reflects an even more rustic and handcrafted feel to the packaging.

Once the creative thread was defined, we also followed and directed the photographic production, composed in partnership with Ultima Filmes, in order to make sure that the whole concept was applied correctly.

Besides new packagings designed with transparency – resource adopted by Fruttare for the first time ever –, we also redesigned packagings for the classic flavours, already popular in the industry.