Reconnecting Health manifesto

A new perspective on health


“Health is a state of physical, mental and social welfare, not the mere absence of diseases.”

World Health Organization, 1946

By looking at health through biopsychosocial lenses, the World Health Organization sparked public policy reform aimed at making social security and basic sanitation widely accessible, which has significantly benefited society. In fact, since 1940, life expectancy has doubled and infant mortality rate is 90{5011629ed276fdcc257f5eb265cb0d6224a0a9f285012a768428be3b22304bbb} lower in Brazil.

On the other hand, there is a vague, unmeasurable and unachievable outlook on health that has been under questioning from contemporary medical society. If each and every condition is seen as an illness, the human being has to border on perfection to be healthy. In this way, we’ve created a rift in society where the notions of sickness and health, doctor and patient, prevention and treatment, are antagonistic. We must make room for a new perspective on health.

The dichotomies between sickness and health, doctor and patient, no longer fit with the modern landscape. For the average person, all aspects of life blend in a single experience. If we want to face the new challenges of our time, we need to understand what are the vectors of change and break down how a person living in the fast-paced connected world behaves.

In a society where people are becoming more and more connected, it’s the customers who transform the market. With technology’s exponential growth and its conveniences, the individual has taken center stage and demands significant change. The modern healthcare market is inefficient and financially unsustainable. Its need to reinvent itself is urgent. This is the moment for transformation, to evolve, invest in new business models, create new experiences, and improve effectiveness.

We believe in a more human future. Our job is to understand behaviors, desires and needs to promote positive transformations in businesses and society. For that reason, we’ve joined forces with Dr. Andressa Gulin, an expert in Innovation and Technology from Singularity University, to map changes in the health industry in Brazil and around the world, to offer reflections about the future, and pursue new innovation opportunities. We want to help the agents in that market to innovate in businesses and to reinvent themselves, adapting to that new reality.

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