Mario Fioretti joins our team

He arrives to play Living Spaces area


In recent years, we have been expanding and in 2018 we intend to focus our portfolio expansion in areas that, due to innovation, are already going through or are going to go through a major revolution in the next 10 years, such as Mobility, Health and what we call it Living Spaces.

To play the development of this last one and other works, we invite Mario Fioretti to the position of Director of Special Projects. Throughout his career of more than 30 years developing design projects, products and services for the domestic environment, he signed the projects responsible for the sale of more than 100 million products sold in Brazil and worldwide, assuming that a product is a vehicle to bring comfort, time and quality of life to its users. One of the great names in innovation in Brazil, he was Director of Design and Innovation for Latin America at Whirlpool Eletrodomésticos, a company in which he dedicated much of his career.

“I have always considered Questtonó a home for friends, as I closely followed the growth of Questto, Levi Girardi and Leo Massarelli’s Design Node. I applauded this merger 7 years ago and since then I share the system design vision that they advocate and apply, where the design specialties converge in a transversal and synchronized work, optimizing time and results for customers”, Mario Fioretti.