The impact of design on business

A discussion with players from the market


As a design and innovation consultancy, we must be constantly alert to change. The current market’s competitive standards are complex and fast. One of the ways to keep up with it is through dialogue and collaboration.

The impact of innovation through design on the new economy

In a partnership with Gávea Investimentos, we brought to our São Paulo office big names of the market to discuss how design-driven innovation has a positive impact on business.

In the morning of August 13, Fábio Barbosa, member of the UN Foundation Council and partner at Gávea Investimentos, Armínio Fraga, economist, former Banco Central president and partner at Gávea Investimentos, Ricardo Botelho, CEO at Energisa, Geraldo Thomaz, CEO at VTEX, Leo Massarelli, partner and Creative Director at Questtonó and Mario Fioretti, Special Projects Director at Questtonó and former innovation director at Whirpool Latin America presented their perspectives around innovation in Brazil for over 80 people. Based on their business learnings, they shared guidelines to help transform the present and build a new, positive, sustainable future for their businesses.

The event started with Fábio Barbosa’s talk about Brazil 2.0: future challenges and opportunities.

“To be competitive, companies need to focus on results but also their purpose. There’s no way of looking strictly to business anymore, we have to be in sync with society’s needs”, said Fábio.

Afterward, Leo Massarelli and Mario Fioretti talked about how a user-centric design approach is a strategic tool in which companies all over the world have been using to achieve better results.

“The bar for competitiveness is higher and higher. That’s why it’s so important to understand people’s needs and expectations to deliver experiences with meaning for them. Design-driven companies have already understood that design goes far beyond aesthetics. It is a way of thinking with a high transformation power and that achieves greater results”, as Leo Massarelli commented.

Innovation goes through consumer experience management

Big companies are realizing the strategic value of design and its urgency in order to sustain themselves long-term. No matter what your business is, it is able to create real value for your clients with a high level of authenticity to differ your delivery from others.

During the event, we had a debate called Insurgents vs. Incumbents, with Ricardo Botelho and Geraldo Thomaz. They approached the challenges and achievements of Energisa, an electric energy company, and VTEX, one of the largest tech companies in Brazil.

A Questtonó client, Energisa is revisiting their relationship with consumers in several regions of the country through design and digital transformation. With all the challenges that surround this segment, the company wants to understand the clients better to be in front of this movement.

To map the user journey during the payment of an electric bill, we went on a research in several regions of Brazil. These insights ended up becoming a digitalization strategy and several solutions that had an impact on Energisa’s way of doing business and created a new consumer experience.

“Energisa wants to be more than a utility company. We aspire to be a platform for energy services, with other aspects to go beyond the energy segment.

We were humble enough to admit that we didn’t know our client at the most deep level. There are people in cities like Sapezal, far away from the most central locations, where they have to walk as long as 50km under a 45º heat to pay their electric bill. We joined Questtonó to create a better experience by mapping our user’s journey, from the moment they get it until the moment of payment. Digital transformation will allow us to provide more advanced services and solutions for clients”, said Ricardo Botelho.

We finished the day with Armínio Fraga’s thoughts on Brazil’s economic scenario:

“In a way, there’s enormous potential for change in what we’re doing here that can be taken to other places. Brasil has a potential to grow but we’re in the middle of so many crises: political, economic and of value. The reflection I want to bring is this: engage yourself in a cause. That can actually change the future”.

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