A creative space for business in SP

Brazilian office expands our view on design


The project of our new São Paulo office was built collectively from the very start. In a partnership with architecture Studio dLux, our staff was invited to participate during the development process of each and every space. They came up with ideas that reflected on how we do our work and also live together.

“Questtonó’s project was so special for us. We as a studio are not interested in imposing an unique style and being recognized solely for one type of project. That’s why we collaborate with our clients to make them a part of the process from the beginning. Given that that’s how Questtonó works, it was a perfect match. The whole team took part in the decision making and we felt very in sync. That reflected very well on the results”, says Denis Fuzii, architect and founder of Studio dLux.

User-centric design

Besides that, the new office was born after a will to open our doors to the creative community and to host innovative work processes that connect creatives to companies. More than a new workplace, we want to be an innovation hub with a diverse schedule of events that brings us closer to startups, partners and clients. A space that expands our view on innovation, to meet new partnerships and make it happen.

Studio dLux’s approach on our different floors was of an ecosystem of work and coexistence for hosting project related affairs and other events. The ground floor has a grandstand and is capable of hosting capacitation programs, creative workshops and concerts, while our terrace is ideal for presentations, parties and outdoor meetups.

“Being able to be everyday in a cozy and wide ambient that stimulates collaboration and creativity makes people happier. We don’t live for work, I think it’s quite the opposite: we value everyone’s time and offer a place to make our working hours more pleasant”, says Levi Girardi, CEO of Questtonó.


If you’re interested in promoting an event or workshop in our creative space, please send an email to: mateus@questtono.com