Wearable design and IoT to save lives

Sleep Proof Cap

Our systemic wearable design & IoT technology that applies safety in design principles to create a cutting-edge anti-sleep hat for truck drivers

Truck driver is one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America and the profession with more deaths in Brazil. A big part of these deaths happens because they fall asleep while driving.

In order to slow down statistics, Bolha, our creative tech hub & Ford Motor Company via GTB (WPP) co-created Ford SafeCap, the anti-sleep wearable device for drivers.

The wearable design & IoT technology for this device aims to promote safe driving by monitoring head movement and emitting vibrations so truck drivers stay awake. That is a real example application of safety in design principles and prevention through design.

Wearable design & IoT principles in action

To come up with the IoT design for wearable technology, Bolha conducted research to identify which movements are part of the trucker’s work routine and which are related to sleep.

This study (behavior analysis) was applied to the software installed on Ford SafeCap’s hardware, that has an inboard accelerometer and gyroscope.

As the hat measures head movements, it alerts the driver with sound, light, and vibration when noticing a sleep behavior.

Whenever that happens, drivers can understand this is the right time to stop driving and gather themselves safely before getting back to the steer. A real example of safety in design & prevention through design on behalf of life.

Ford SafeCap Project credits for IoT & wearables design

Bolha made the complete production of this IoT project: from SafeCap’s fabrication and software development to design, prototyping, and production of hardware.

What began as a simple anti-sleep wearable device for truck drivers, now has turned a safety item on the roads.

“Incredibly inspiring: this is how I describe the experience of working with Bolha on Ford’s SafeCap project. They delivered a final product combining high-end technology, creativity, and precision. The result was a successful anti-sleep wearable technology for drivers that drove powerful stories and buzz around the world”, says Vico Benevides, Executive Creative Director at GTB Latam.

Besides being featured in the exhibit “Wired to Wear” at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, USA., Ford SafeCap has reached incredible results:

+ 40 countries
spontaneous coverage


people reach

earned media

Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D&AD, The One Show

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