Technology and design for
health service


Our systemic design approach as a wireframe to the development of an IoT innovation in the health market

Creating real value for the people and redefining the health market through design

Design has made room for a new approach to health. Using a holistic vision that looks at patients in a more humane way, we have created a solution alongside Biologix – a health and technology startup. The service aims to improve the diagnosis of sleep apnea, a condition that affects a third of Brazilians and usually remains undiagnosed, due to the complexity of the methods that are currently being used.


The solution we developed is the result of a systemic approach throughout different steps of the design process. First, we explored the equipment’s range of use in order to improve the service itself.  Following that, we looked at the product design, upgrading the hardware to a more ergonomic form.


Aside of the product and service development, we also worked on a visual identity, the product’s packaging and the digital interfaces for its website and smartphone application. All of these facets were designed with a deep consideration of the users’ perspectives with a mission to provide a practical and intuitive experience.


Biologix is an integrated product and service solution that consists of a piece of wearable hardware – the Oxistar, a device that connects to the cloud using a phone app. The device allows the user to take their own sleep apnea exam at home.


Biologix integrates product and service in the same system. The information captured by  the Oxistar wearable device is first uploaded to the cloud and then translated into a diagnosis and delivered to the user through  the connected app.


Biologix democratizes the accessibility of a sleep apnea diagnosis.  The technology has the potential to democratize polysomnography – a traditional yet in-depth and complex sleep exam.  Given the cost, versatility and comfort of the Oxistar device used during the exam, we have worked with Biologix to create a platform with the potential to transform sleep tests and diagnosis.