Stark 4WD Jeep automotive design case study

Car Design For a Modern Offroader

An innovative automotive design project that led to a viable, successful vehicle

We delivered an efficient, high-value automotive design solution for the end-user

The Stark 4WD jeep is a good automobile case study on example of the transformation potential of ideas applied to a successful product when those ideas are economically viable. 

It was created using with the use of the most modern state of the art automotive design and management tools translated into the reality of a newly created company with limited resources. In spite of that, that machine is technically efficient and delivers a high-value perception to the final user.

We’ve structured an innovation process that led to a new business: the conception of a design and engineering project for a vehicle that provides for the free and adventurous lifestyle, either for off-road use or for the cities. And that makes an automotive design case study we’ve had the honor to deliver successfully.


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