An investigation of portable speaker culture

Sound For All


An investigation of multiple cultures to understand behaviour and to define a strategy for the global market of speakers

Our team helped LG to understand unique culture behaviors to define a new product strategy and design

The LG PK7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the result of an investigation in to portable speaker culture across two different continents. Looking beyond new and innovative technologies, we investigated how people interact with music, unique touchpoints throughout various user journeys and consumer expectations across different use cases. After immersing ourselves in New York and Sao Paulo street culture, we uncovered similarities and differences between these markets that helped us shape the context for the product.

With only a two-month sprint from research to final concept, our team in Sao Paulo and Brooklyn helped the LG Design team understand unique culture behaviors to define a new product strategy and design for the global market. Not only we help companies understand consumer needs but go deeper by defining brand strategies to make concepts real.

This case has won an iF Design Award and a Red Dot in 2018.


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