A new, CX-focused shoe brand

A New Kind of Shoe Brand
consumer goods

visual identity

Research, strategy and creative process that reveals a totally new customer experience

So.Si brings to life a new business model in the consumer goods industry, connected with the contemporary Brazilian woman

At first, the challenge seemed simple for the vast experience in Product Design: to develop a highly technological and modern new shoe, in order to revamp Picadilly group’s product portfolio. During the process, however, we ended up reaching a broader solution, which led to the creation of So.Si, a totally new brand and consumption experience.

From people to people

It all began with research, one of the steps that most inspire us – it brings us into people’s homes and connects us more closely with many realities. In this case, the reality is that of an increasingly urban, plural and dynamic female audience. During interviews and visits to many shops, we understood how women relate to shoes in the shop window, in the wardrobe, and, of course, on feet.

Technology in favour of business

To make all of this possible, we developed a flexible product that combines both elastic and rigid materials into a distinctive geometry that provides a dynamic fit to the feet. Besides increasing comfort, this technology reduces the sizing grid and optimises the production line.

Sociable, plural and dynamic

With this new product – stylish and perfect for life in the city –, the need to create a more holistic universe arose, in order to tell its story with greater detail and simplicity. This is how So.Si was born: as a brand with a totally new identity within Picadilly group.

Part of this challenge meant innovating not only the product, but also the sales channel. So.Si brings a completely different purchase experience, which involves kiosks instead of actual stores. With Systemic Design, packaging and kiosks integrate with the construction of an innovating experience and sales channel in the footwear industry.

To us, more importantly than concluding a fantastic project is taking paths that enable consumers to empathise with it – which consequently leads to its long life in the market.