A different way of drinking beer

The Skol Cube

To reformulate the experience of drinking beer in typical college bars was an intense challenge

How can we captivate customers, provide a new experience and boost sales?

This was the challenge we received from Skol, the leading beer brand in Brazil. Recognized for valuing innovative ideas, the brand sought a transformative solution for bars with a large number of customers and typically frequented by university students.

In order to better understand the context and discover innovation opportunities, we immersed ourselves in bar life and looked at costumer behaviour, service dynamics and bar culture with a critical eye. Thus, we were able to map the consumer journey in detail, from beginning to end.

After several experiments, we defined four pillars that guided our entire creative process: serving cold beer, speeding up the service, increasing people flow and making customers feel at home.

Guided by this transversal perspective, we developed a new service model and a new experience for the costumer, based on an integrated system comprised of three different but related products: the Skol Cube, the S-Tec refrigerator and the totems.

The Skol Cube

The Skol Cube is a special cooler capable of keeping the beer below 32oF for more than one hour, which stores four 600ml bottles simultaneously, increasing service speed and ensuring better flow in an environment with a large concentration of people. What guarantees this performance is the S-Tec technology, comprised by the doublewall cube and a eutectic liquid filling.

An opener attached to the handle allows the consumer to open the bottles without the waiter’s help, which is very convenient and also increases sales.

For the system to function properly, the cube with the bottles should be inside the S-Tec refrigerator, at temperatures around -17.6oF degrees. Beer normally freezes at this temperature, but the cube technology coupled with the cooling system prevents this from happening. The result is that beer is served at a temperature that is irresistible to the taste of Brazilians.

After several prototypes and refinements, we conducted a monitored pilot in 13 bars of São Paulo. The experience was well received by the public and also by the staff. Both were surprised with the improvement in service quality and speed allowed by Skol Cube.

In addition, bars using the system had an 8{5011629ed276fdcc257f5eb265cb0d6224a0a9f285012a768428be3b22304bbb} increase in beer sales. This positive result drove the brand to expand the new service to over 1,000 bars throughout Brazil.