Service design for the innovative workplace

Finding Space in an Open Office

Applying service design to create a digital solution to integrate Alpargatas’ new innovative workplace

An innovative workplace involves more flexibility and optimizing the employees’ time

Work is an essential part of a person’s life experience and an innovative workspace should reflect the way in which we feel most comfortable to live.

We applied our Service Design skills to develop a digital solution that optimized and integrated work processes at the new Alpargatas innovative workplace. Owner of the Havaianas brand, they had just turned their office into an open and collaborative workplace.

The transition process to an innovative workplace involves more flexibility towards employees, that no longer occupy fixed seats and many times work from home. However, the company’s workers pointed out that, when they came to the office, they found it difficult to book rooms and work seats, besides finding out where their colleagues were for meetings.

This problem was solved by the development of the SmartOffice app, a Service Design case that allowed workers to book work seats and rooms inside the office, providing a view of the available places and collaborative environments. The user can create groups and book meetings, besides reaching out to colleagues to share a close work station.

The development of this Service Design case involved creating the app’s UX and UI, a collaborative work between us and Alpargatas’ digital team.

At the end of 2019, the app had 300 daily check-ins. The client and the workers reported a more efficient and agile workflow due to the SmartOffice.