Samsung TV: a never ending experience

TV's For an Emerging Market

A deep investigation of Brazilian pyramid base to create new watching TV experiences in consumer electronics design

We mapped opportunities in Brazilian houses to create a relevant TV design & experience

What is the purpose of television in contemporary Brazilian life? What are the attributes and high-value experiences in terms of consumer electronics design for the entry-level market? Those were the main questions that led us to design the Samsung TV.

We have conducted a thorough investigation on the subject, in which we talked to specialists, performed usability tests and experienced the real life of families in different regions of Brazil mapping the tensions and opportunities within the space.

We explored different experience scenarios and developed a set of concepts for the Samsung TV, a device that comes with an internal battery and surge protector to allow users to continue to watch programming even when there is a brief power surge or outage.

Samsung’s on the TV design project

On the experience of working with Questtonó, Danilo Weiner, from Samsung’s Product Innovation Team, says that the enthusiasm from the creative team made brilliant ideas become possible.

“In tough times, where we work solely looking at the expense sheets, adding every time spent to the final budget, it’s so nice to work with a flexible consultancy that is generous to its own human capital”.

And that makes a consumer electronic design case study we’ve had the honor to deliver successfully to Samsung.

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