Reconnecting people
to health

Reconnecting Health

Systemic design opens a new perspective on health. We detect trends that can positively shape and transform this universe

Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean to be perfect and not sick anymore

Health is going through major changes in Brazil and all over the world. New approaches challenge the way we see it today. Being healthy, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean to be perfect and not sick anymore.

Through a systemic design perspective, that comprehends the complexity of different worlds, Questtonó has launched Futurability: Reconnecting Health, a platform for discussing the current moment of health. We project various possibilities in order to build a more humane future and connected to people’s needs.

The main players that we discuss that revolve around this world are: the way people are related to in this ecosystem; how to transform the industry and its services; innovation in management and the reinvention of health workers.

Check it out on Futurability: Reconnecting Health.