Next-generation stakeholder engagement in VR

Ocean Wind VR
experience design


Created for Ørsted, the Ocean Wind VR project is a state-of-the-art immersive experience allowing key stakeholders to experience a new offshore wind f

The Ocean Wind Experience is an interactive virtual reality tool, that allows residents on the New Jersey shore to immerse themselves in the wind-powered future. The key purpose of the project is to capture the look and feel of Ørsted’s first utility-scale offshore wind farm – Ocean Wind – in North America. Well before construction starts, Ørsted can now interact with residents and local governments alike to ensure a common understanding of how the wind farm will impact the community.

The Ocean Wind VR experience empowers local stakeholders to facilitate an enlightened and engaging conversation to the benefit of the community. It does this by enabling residents to explore and experience the wind farm from three different locations, Atlantic City, Ocean City and Stone Harbour; from different perspectives, and in changing weather conditions. 

Using 360 photography, 3D graphics and powered by machine learning this new VR-tool sets new UX standards and shows the future of commercial VR-adaptation. The Ocean Wind VR experience has been built with reusability in mind. As the project has been developed, we have set the foundation for an XR Platform that would enable the future application of VR, AR and other immersive projects in a cost-effective manner.