Marque Ponto



industrial design

Gertec is releasing its electronic time clock designed by Questto|Nó. More than a new product, Marque Ponto time clock establishes Gertec entrance in a new market, bringing in the company’s reputation for high technology acquired during long years of commercial and bank automation to the market of access registration.

The premise of the design for the Gertec Marque Ponto was to create a product with good aesthetics that is easy and fast to use. Its aesthetic is closer to that of electronic appliances as opposed to looking like industrial equipment. Its control panel is suspended from the wall which gives the set a feel of lightness. In accordance with new regulations from the Labor Ministry the equipment prints out a ticket where the employee can check their frequency control. Printing in less than one second and large capacity information storage, Marque Ponto is recommended for medium to high volume applications. Its versatile design allows control through passing card, contactless card, password or biometrics.

In addition to high technology, the Marque Pont is awarded with the German iF Design Award of Germany, one of the most important design awards in the world.