From Brazil’s Northeastern street culture in

A Twist of Lore

visual identity

This new flavored alcoholic drink was aimed at Brazil's Northeastern public and developed as a spinoff from a new business opportunity

New flavored alcoholic drink aimed at the Northeastern public

Once we accepted the challenge, we entered the scene to structure a platform for a living brand that would draw on the Northeastern tradition, as expressed in its street folklore, using contemporary language.

With a diverse team bringing together designers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists and researchers, we worked with Ambev’s team in an immersive environment to ensure an explosive and innovative outcome. Based on a cultural immersion in different regions of the Northeast, we identified the flavors and legends from the streets. Thus, we place the typical superstitions and ingredients in the service of our central goal: to strengthen regional identity through its extraordinary popular manifestations.

Thus was born Livramento, a kind of “miracle potion” that seeks to ease everyday stress, apathy and numbness with a humorous approach that evokes the sacred, the profane and the sensations evoked by each flavor – Honey and lemon, catuaba and cashew. This almost mystical idea served as the basis for the creative concept of the brand, built on three archetypes, and also for the graphic project, which offers a contemporary re-reading of local graphic elements such as wood engraving, street literature and vernacular typography.

More than a new drink, Livramento is a cultural expression of the Northeast which, besides fostering a spirit of celebration, can also strengthen  pride in the region.