Linha Miluz

Modular and Affordable Switches

Smart and well-designed products for a fair price

How to deliver design and practicality to an increasingly demanding market?

How can a global company offer to a new type of consumer a high-quality product and with high perceived value for a very competitive retail price? Who is this consumer, who doesn’t want low functional quality and low perceived value? How to explore this concept and incorporate it to over 80 stock keeping units, aiming to deliver design and practicality to an ever more demanding market?

One of the challenges was to create a consumer product line focused on low costs but within the quality control parameters for Schneider. The aim was to deliver to consumers intelligent products that allow different configurations, simplicity on their installation, ease of cleansing and still keeping an accessible price point.

Understanding markets

Development began from a series of research between consumers and installation experts in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. From this, a market opportunity was established and became our guideline throughout the project. We decided to introduce the product to the market at the final design approval stage, such that the company had was reassured they were meeting the market demands. The Miluz line was launched in Brazil on September 2013 and reached the selling targets for a six-month period within its first two months. It brought Schneider to new a market segment and, as recognition to its design excellence, it got the iF Design Award 2014 in Germany, one of the most important design awards in the world.