IoT and wearable technology against harassment

Wearables Against Harassment

Our systemic wearable IoT technology & design approach applied to a smart dress that raises awareness for women harassment at night clubs in Brazil

IoT wearable technology against women harassment 

According to the Women Rights NGO Think Olga, 86% of Brazilian women have been sexually harassed in night clubs. Even though women say “no”, men can’t seem to get the message. Unfortunately, many men claim they don’t see when harassment happens, because they think the women are “just playing” or unreasonably complaining. That does not help to change this scenario.

In order to raise awareness of this huge problem of women harassment prevention, we asked ourselves: how can we use IoT wearable technology to show what many men claim they don’t see? How can we create a successful experiential marketing campaign based on wearables design?

The IoT wearable technology behind the campaign 

Dress for Respect is a smart dress and experiential marketing campaign created by Ogilvy for Schweppes and technically executed by Bolha.

At is core project, we have designed a smart dress with applied IoT wearable technology to measure and raise awareness for women harassment in night clubs and parties.

In other words, we have built a dress full of sensors that collects data on how many times women are touched without consent at nightclubs. That information is transferred via wifi to a control unit that allows us to understand and reveal the harassment data in real-time.

Besides the number of touches and its frequency, the smart dress also records tactile information such as:

which part of the body was touched;

how strong was the touch;

when each touch happened.

As we ran the experiment, touches captured by the smart dress were mapped in real-time to show the amount and frequency of harassment. In almost 4 hours of use in 3 different models, the dress counted 157 touches in just one night.

The Smart Dress Data

– 87% of women have been harassed in nightclubs (Brazil)
– 1 dress and 3 women
– 157 touches observed in real-time
– 3h47 monitored

“Bolha was a great partner in the Dress for Respect project, an experiential marketing campaign we created for Schweppes. The activation draws people’s attention to the issue of women’s harassment in nightclubs and highlights the importance of respect. This complex product was only possible to achieve through the IoT wearable technology developed by Bolha, installing sensors to make a smart dress. A great campaign relies on good partners to be a success – we were lucky to have Bolha wearables design expertise and competence on board”, says Sandra Azedo, Communications Director at Ogilvy.

This project has received an award at Cannes Lions.

How about having our IoT wearable technology & wearables design expertise into your project too?

Dress for Respect is a great wearable technology example into an experiential marketing campaign that we are very honored to have had our expertise onboard and so we will be working with you. 

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