Smarter connections with IoT geolocalization

Smarter Connections with Geolocalization


How to turn localization data in a service that is relevant to business and interesting to all users?

An integrated experience that breaks borders between the physical and digital

Resignifying data sharing is an opportunity to create meaningful, ethical experiences. Focused on building a support network among employees as well as perfecting business management through smart monitoring, we’ve designed a platform both physical and digital that allows users to track their fleets and work teams in a more efficient, transparent, and thorough way.

Turning Synco in something much more powerful than a geolocation service required a multifaceted work focused on the end user. We conducted a behavioral research that we converted into a detailed customer journey map and humane, responsible positioning, supported by the trust and responsibility of users’ sharing the same network.

“It doesn’t matter how technological a service is if it isn’t able to generate experiences connected to people’s needs. From a deep understanding of the user, we were able to create a more emotional and genuine narrative, that resulted in a much more accurate delivery on all the brand touchpoints. That’s what we call systemic design: when the brand’s strategy is developed along its service, products, and digital experiences designs,” adds Leo Massareli, Questtonó’s CCO.

The premise of the brand’s value is consolidated through a systemic experience combining service design, UX/UI, and product design. Together, device and app form a single service that offers varied information on shipments and fleets, providing guidance to success in small, medium, and large businesses.

“Besides brand identity and the device’s design, the way the app was envisioned and developed by Questtonó grants the user more freedom so they can personalize all privacy settings, dashboard, and analytics, as well as define what will and won’t be visible to the network. There is no standard policy, like it usually happens in this kind of platform, so the privacy of each client is ensured,” explains Gustavo Chamma, Synco’s CEO and co-founder.

That’s how Synco answers the demand for security and improvement: sensibly and proactively, promising a genuine revolution in how we view our relationship with technology and with each other.