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Using our agile sprint methodology, we helped AB InBev uncover future concepts for their near-term innovation pipeline

We collaborated with the AB Insites Team to understand key opportunities for innovation across a range of markets through consumer co-creation and ideation workshops. The project culminated in a weeklong innovation immersion with the organizations key stakeholders to determine which ideas across the organization had the most potential to move into further development and piloting. 

Problem: Creating Business Opportunities

AB Insites was seeking an agile approach to innovation that put users at the center of uncovering new trends and market opportunities to develop concepts in the beverage space. With various multi-disciplinary teams and expert knowledge from AB, we were working towards a final Demo Day that would combine key people, brands, and stakeholders to deepdive, pivot, and ultimately pitch potential new brands and products, all informed and co-created alongside real users. 

Process: Ideation Workshops

Questtonó conducted future trend and behavioral research extending beyond food and beverage to understand new behaviors, drivers and needs. This secondary research informed early adopter profiles which we used to recruit “lead users”. Alongside these lead users, we co-created new beverage brands, flavor combinations, and ingredient functionalities which provided invaluable insight into the emerging trends in the space. 

Questtonó conducted three 2 day ideation workshops, carefully crafted to foster a creative and fail-positive environment, while using food, drink, and even a mixology lesson to build empathy. Using proprietary ideation tools, we collaborated with AB to develop innovative ideas, share creative methodologies, and facilitate user-centered concept development. Ideas were tested overnight to facilitate a truly agile and iterative ideation process. 

Outcome: Innovative Concepts

The two and a half month long project resulted in 30+ innovative concepts to take to Demo Day for further pivoting, testing, and development. Having begun the ideation process from a human-first lens, the purpose of the final phase was to assess factors such as cost, complexity and market size with an opportunity to develop internal pitches, leveraging the cross-disciplinary teams present. 

Ultimately 12 concepts were presented to AB’s CEO and key leadership positions to prioritize concepts to further develop for pilots in 2020.