Festival ID

Branding For an Innovative Event
visual identity

Diversity and multidisciplinarity

Diversity and multidisciplinarity to show new directions of design

When we first thought about creating the visual identity for a festival which the main objective is to discuss the role of Design inside the innovation scene, we were sure about how challenging it would be.The final concept should show Design as an activity that is constantly and quickly changing, being present on a large range of market segments.

In this way, the design for Festival ID had to embrace versatility and flexibility, representing diversity and multidisciplinarity. To follow this concept, we decided to build an identity based on basic geometric elements, that despite the simplicity, could create memorable visuals when arranged into patterns, putting on proof a golden rule of design: less is more.

In order to create much with almost nothing, the basic elements are combined in all sort of patterns, creating the whole brand’s visual universe. The arranged patterns are then applied on the creation of icons, textures, signage and even tridimensional objects. The final result is a dynamic project, flexible to the use on all sort of media formats.