What is Guaraná Antarctica?

A Taste of the Amazon to the World

visual identity

Born in the Amazon, spreading around the world!

Our challenge was to define a global communication strategy to position Amazon Guarana Antarctica for new markets

Over the course of 3 weeks, we defined the brand message, key visual identity and guidelines for local marketing agencies to introduce Guarana Antarctica to other countries.

What is Guarana Antarctica?

Brands need to constantly rethink their global positioning, even the more traditional ones. Guarana Antarctica is one of the biggest and most beloved guarana sodas in Brazil.

The beverage is made from the guarana plant of the Amazon rainforest, but is also found in a dozen other countries.

The big question for us was how to position and communicate the Guaraná Antarctica brand to other cultures to ensure the messaging was consistent, but informative for markets that are unfamiliar with the exotic fruit.

If nobody knows what guarana is, what to do?

We solved this challenge through a well-defined process that included 5 days of cultural immersion, 5 days of creative process, and another 5 days of refinement and the creation of the final communication guidelines. This work was completed by our multidisciplinary team and the client working closely by our side.

Our research found that the global perception of Brazil is generally limited to the association of music, beaches and carnival, and the perception of the Amazon rainforest was lush abundance and full of mystery.

We used these insights to craft a visual language that would launch the brazilian soda guarana to be a contemporary global brand.

We defined all the activation touchpoints, messages and key visual aspects that became an actionable guide for local agencies to practice these brand guidelines in their countries. In other words, a brand book to help defining what is Guarana Antarctica globally.