Fahrer furniture brand


visual identity

The Fahrer brothers, Sergio and Jack, have built throughout 15 years a history of creativity, design with personality and development of exclusive techniques for furniture manufacturing. With the precision and poetry of a luthier, the attention for detail and reverence towards raw materials, they have built their aesthetic. Fluid, curvaceous and authentic; yet people weren’t fully aware of production processes and inspirations behind their creative aesthetic.

Materials and Shapes

Questto|Nó came in to transform this by creating a new branding strategy, logo, visual and verbal communication, directives for product design and creative processes and, finally, by reassessing the business positioning in the market.

Fahrer now is the result of a thorough project, developed in partnership with the Fahrer brothers. It rediscovered the brand’s unique ethos: mastering the art of craftsmanship, to last a lifetime. A strong ethos that is revealed to the public by showcasing the manufacturing processes, history, highlighting materials, shapes and precise finishing.

The company’s profile as well as its objectives and context were developed by researching and analyzing market and trends, combined with an immersion with the owners, collaborators and affiliates.

History and Essence

From this studies and immersion, we could outline several different scenarios and construct a brand/business strategy capable of exploring its craftsmanship roots. A brand that would communicate its history and essence by its own expression, developing a genuine dialogue with its customers through product, service and more meaningful relationships.

We have developed a brand that could become a creation platform, allowing partnerships with designers and expanding creative frontiers. This platform lets collaborative designers explore Farher’s trademark characteristics, such as curved wood techniques, ergonomic design, precise finishing and craftsmanship experience.

To go with the new business model, we have designed a brand strategy that was capable to explore as visual and verbal communication the Fahrer ‘universe’. It focuses and values the creative and fabrication processes that are innate to the company.