Digital Rails: Autonomous cars study

Digital Rails: Cities and Autonomous Cars

A platform for discussions on the future of mobility, where we project new trends in a systemic and human-centered way

Questtonó: Mobility shares new trends and projects innovative solutions for the future of mobility

Questtonó loves to think about the future of mobility. We have designed cars, bikes, crafts, and even trucks, always through the systemic design mindset and putting people at the center of the process.

Questtonó: Mobility is a platform for discussions where we project innovative solutions with a systemic view, in order to create experiences that are truly meaningful to people and more sustainable for the planet.

One of the first projects shared on this platform is Digital Rails, the result of a collective effort from our teams in São Paulo and New York. It is an integrated mobility system that predicts a viable transition for the autonomous car era, allowing them to coexist between conventional cars and other vehicles.

The project is currently at a study stage. We partnered with researchers from IME-USP that applied the concept to Paulista Avenue and other lanes from central São Paulo. The results showed a significant speed gain with 35% of vehicles using the Digital Rails.

Also, if all cars used these lanes, all current traffic from this avenue could fit in two lanes, making room for new utilities for the city.

The study was brought to researchers at MIT who are now studying it in new scenarios, one without the Digital Rails and later with different vehicle sizes.

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