Design for beauty: The hair analysis device

A Custom Approach To Haircare

A portable device design that applies technology to create an innovative beauty gadget for haircare in the cosmetic industry

Device design for hair analysis
Haircare is one of the most saturated industries and there is always a new beauty product or ingredient that promises beauty and health wonders.

Indeed, the hair product can be effective, but if it’s not used for the right hair type in real-time strand conditions it was designed for, then we have a misfit problem.

And that is exactly where many consumers fail when it comes to choosing hair products, which translates to a very bad experience for both vendors & consumers.

The former can have uncountable losses in terms of sales and brand credibility, and the latter does not the results they wanted out of the hair product.

So, how can we help consumers to choose the right product for their hair and then increase product effectiveness, hair health & beauty results? Can we use technology applied in beauty industry to help to solve this issue?

Enter Natura’s device design for hair analysis
To help to solve this problem, Bolha has helped Natura to design a state-of-the-art beauty gadget that analyses the quality of hair in real-time.

That is a great innovation in cosmetic industry that help consumers on how to choose the best product for their hair based on the their current strand conditions.

But, how this hair analysis device works? What is the principle for this device design?

Hair Device Design & Development
Bolha has developed a portable device with lenses that can be attached to a smartphone. It resembles what is done with a microscope. The diagnosis is made combining the captured image of the hair and a database of over 18,000 images of hair strands from Natura’s laboratories. The app uses the data for real-time analysis and recommends products for the person.

To improve results, the hair database was used to train artificial intelligence to identify imperfections and provide an accurate diagnosis. That way it was possible to create an effective product recommendation system into the hair analysis device. So, this is the principle behind our hair care technology to help consumers on how to choose hair products correctly.

Natura hair analysis device results
Natura have been working for more than 5 years in this project and invited Bolha to make the device design tangible and feasible.

The device development for this beauty technology solution is part of Natura’s digital transformation strategy. For us, it represents a true case study on beauty products that we are very honored to have our expertise applied on.

“The device design of this solution is part of Natura’s digital transformation strategy. We are happy that Bolha helped us to give shape to our hair analysis device and the concept our laboratory team envisioned. This way we can offer differentiated services through new beauty technologies”, claims Romulo Zamberlan, Experience & Ecodesign at Natura.


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