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Our systemic design approach as a wireframe to the development of an IoT innovation in healthcare

Creating real value for people through technology and design in healthcare

How to design an affordable sleep apnea diagnosis method?


Our health and well-being is directly connected to our sleep quality, yet 60% of Brazilians sleep between 4 and 6 hours a night, and 80% of them would like to sleep more than 7 hours daily, according to a research done by the ABN – Brazilian Neurologist Association.

However, most diagnosis methods available for sleep apnea are not cheap and then not affordable to most people.

And that prevents ⅓ of the population from having proper diagnosis and detecting this serious health issue that puts people life at risk.

With this problem in mind, we asked ourselves: how can we apply wearable technology and design in healthcare to improve people’s sleep quality?

Is it possible to develop a iot in healthcare project to make the diagnosis of sleep apnea for most people?

IoT in healthcare project in action


For us, design in the healthcare market has the potential to transform the way we relate to our sleep, and this belief has guided us during this IoT health project with Biologix – a Brazilian health and technology startup.

By looking to people as more than mere patients, our idea was to create a systemic solution that could help with the diagnosis of sleep apnea – a condition that affects a third of the Brazilian population and often remains undiagnosed due to the complex and expensive diagnostic methods currently available.

A multidisciplinary team of designers worked on the solution by analysing the different steps of the healthcare design process, from exploring the available technologies used to diagnose sleep apnea and improving it, to working on the product design itself, assuring the device would be ergonomic and visually interesting.

The goal with Biologix was to ensure the most intuitive experience possible. That’s why we felt it was important to connect the new product design to a seamless visual identity that was applied to the product’s packaging, as well as on the interfaces for both the website and the smartphone app.

Biologix: a health design experience


The final result consists of a wearable device – the Oxistar. It connects to the user’s smartphone through an app, and allows the user to do the sleep apnea test at home. The Oxistar sends the data to the cloud and delivers the results to the user through the app, in a seamless and easy experience.

Since the pandemic of the new coronavirus became the reality of many countries, this system also presented itself as an effective and adequate tool for monitoring clinical signs of patients with mild Covid-19 symptoms remotely.

Because it is an eminently respiratory disease, an imbalance in blood saturation is one of the main symptoms of Covid-19, and Biologix technology consists of a portable sensor that captures those data. 

By understand the user needs and goals, exploring the existing technology and delivering a systemic health design experience, Biologix has created and IoT in healthcare project that connects people to knowledge, and gives them an affordable and easy to understand diagnosis.

Not only that, it opens up opportunities for a more human and comfortable experience and sets the tone for the future of healthcare inspiring new examples of digital health like that. We believe that design in healthcare has the potential to change lives.


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