Solar-powered X-Scroll charger

X-Scroll charger


industrial design


A design effort to create the solar-powered X-Scroll charger, a functional device that relies on renewable energy

Helping organizations to thrive by creating unique consumer experience solutions

Consumer Experience

As designers, we help organizations to thrive in a complex world by creating solutions that make the consumer experience unique. That is what we did with Sun Hunter, designing the solar-powered X-Scroll charger that got us a gold medal at the iF Design Award.


Creative Challenges

Our client had just developed a flexible solar panel and was looking for consumer applications that went beyond the typical “power bank” solution. Our challenge was to design and prototype a product using their technology but also providing a higher level of value and functionality.


Creative Solutions

The job was developed by a multidisciplinary team that was responsible for transforming the sustainable solar panel technology into a portable device. It took us an industrial design effort and also UX and UI applications.


Business for the future

This final delivery was used as a tool for the factory to produce the final product. This multifunctional product is able to charge devices like smartphones and also comes with a speaker and a lantern. The solar-powered X-Scroll charger is ideal for outdoor activities, but not only those.

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carregador Sun Hunter módulos
carregador Sun Hunter movido a energia solar