Shaking up the relationship

Coexisting in Harmony
consumer goods

The new identity of Amó line suggests a relationship in which two bodies coexist in harmony, but each one has a unique volume and expression.

Although Amó already had an iconic look, it gained more energy after the right tweaks.

The adaptation of brands to the ever faster contemporary transformations is always complex, and such was the case with Amó, from Natura. Our challenge was to represent an intense and at the same time harmonious relationship between two people, in which their individualities would not be lost. Amó needed to balance two unique and complementary universes through a new visual identity.

Revamping the previous bottles was like “shaking up the relationship”. To upgrade the style of a line that already had an iconic look, we thought of Amó’s personality as a balanced relationship that could gain more energy with positive changes.

The bottles are designed to fit each other and become one. But at the same time, they were also designed to be unique when alone.

In its new version, the colors were changed only in tones and textures. The individuality of each bottle within the relationship set the tone for the two bottles to complement each other subtly but without losing their unique shapes.

The transparency has been replaced by an enameled paint that, combined with deep curves and colors, conveys sensuality in the right measure.

The same concept was also applied with the product boxes, through brushstrokes that suggest the movements of a relationship, always spontaneous and diverse, following instincts rather than not rules.