Supporting social entrepreneurs through design

Empowering Social Entrepreneuers

We were challenged to develop AB InBev’s high-performance management system into a service offering for 115 Brazilian social entrepreneurs

We created a coherent brand system that delivered meaningful applications with high impact for the entrepreneurs

Supporting social entrepreneurs through design

As one of the largest beer producers in the world, with brands like Budweiser and Corona, AB InBev saw an opportunity to use their management expertise to educate and empower entrepreneurs. From this, Ambev Voa was born; an ongoing project where the company’s executives oversee and mentor entrepreneurs.

AB InBev wanted to share their experience on resource optimization and also offer a specialized mentorship program, bringing these organizations closer to the company and also increasing the entrepreneurs’ reach.

So far, the project has supported more than 115 social organizations in Brazil.

Strategy and brand building

By facing this challenge with depth, we were able to define the project’s value proposition. We understood that a program such as this should have a strong brand that could reproduce its identity in a way that was not purely symbolic.

In this scenario, we created a brand system that manifests through several possibilities, so that the complete experience is coherent and positive in all points of contact for the users.