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We are designers, strategists, researchers, engineers and dreamers thinking and doing as one.



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Face it: we live in a grab or go era. The truth is that the world today handles a complex, effervescent industry that grows in size, challenges, and connections by the minute. This means that the market we all witness is always sizzling with possibilities, blazing imminent opportunities and blistering fast-track relationships, communications, schedules, and experiences.


Although this is all very exciting, people often forget that the world is made up of something far more important than fulfilling agendas and hacking fresh solutions. In fact, we’re talking about the very pivot that orchestrates the whole evolution. We’re talking about people.


This perspective motivates our approach to Design, everyday. People are lives, stories, feelings and memories. And because today time is shorter than ever, making the most of it is a must. And we do so by crafting meaningful experiences.


As human beings, we experience life as a whole. We perceive value as a sum of diverse factors put together. The way we see Design is no different: through Systemic Design methodology, we craft the relationship every touch-point cultivates with the consumer, in order to create truly memorable experiences.


We believe in Humane Futures: to produce more and consume less, to be more transparent and open-minded, to make products endure and services thrive. Humane Futures means to create real value for real people.


After all, everything starts out with people.


Questtonó, human first.

After all, everything starts out with people.

  1. Questto Design, a studio focused on Product Design, was born in a 75 ft2 office in São Paulo

  2. Our first achievement was winning the 1st prize in the Electronics category from Museu da Casa Brasileira, with the Evolusonic ICEL Nebulizer

  3. We’ve always been very keen on technology and on getting our hands dirty. So, we formed a more technical team, specialized in detailing and engineering, and invested in equipment previously exclusive to large companies, such as 3D software

  4. Nó Design was born at the back of a store in Vila Madalena, São Paulo

  5. The first international award of Questto Design came in a double dose: competing with projects for Sense Eletrônica, we won two iF Design Awards in the same edition

  6. Nó Design’s packaging design area, which would become one of the company’s most important areas in the future, begins to operate

  7. TAC launches Jeep Stark 4WD, a project conducted by Questto Design from the research to the assembly line. In the same year, the cellphone Blob, created by Nó Design, was a landmark in Brazilian gadgets design and won several awards

  8. Beginning of the internationalization process of the company with the opening of the commercial office of Questto Design in Germany

  9. Launch of the Agrale truck line, 100% designed by Questto Design

  10. Questtonó is born from the merger of Questto Design and Nó Design, the result of a new strategic positioning that establishes a global and systemic vision for all areas of the firm

  11. The Branding and Strategy areas of Questtonó are created. This year, the Brazilian Design Association elected us “Design Office of the Year”

  12. The research area is created following the integration with Blue Research, establishing a turning point for Questtonó in the market

  13. Questtonó’s expands internationally with the opening of the New York office in Brooklyn. We also won the Natura QLICAR award as partners of the year in Branding & Design

  14. Inauguration of the office in Rio de Janeiro

  15. Beginning of a new phase at Questtonó: expansion of the portfolio of products and services, launch of new branding, and a bigger space, totally focused on innovation and collaborative work, more dynamic and in line with our most important value: people

  16. Questtonó completes 25 years

Nosso espaço conecta criativos e empresas

Ground floor

A double-height, open wide space, with a wooden deck and an internal garden, where we host a variety of events.

Ground floor

The grandstand is where we accommodate people for events and presentations. In the back, we have a maker space where we materialize our ideas.


Upstairs we have a mezzanine with some work stations and three war rooms, where we work on confidential projects.


In the back, we have a conference room and a kitchen, with access to our community garden.

First floor

This is our workplace, where all of our areas are integrated.

First floor

Our conference rooms and other informal living spaces allow more casual work dynamics.

First floor

The stairs brake the vertical circulation flow and give access to our rooftop.

QN Lab

The QN Lab is equipped to host meetings, workshops and client presentations, and other creative dynamics.


The rooftop is where we go to hang out. Here we have lunch, happy hours and enjoy one of the best views of São Paulo.


This space eventually hosts events for our clients and partners.

Our team