Tecnologia IoT em wearable contra o assédio

Wearable Contra o Assédio

Aplicamos nossa visão sistêmica de design a uma tecnologia IoT para criar um vestido inteligente que conscientizou pessoas sobre o assédio a mulheres

IoT wearable technology against women harassment 

According to the Women Rights NGO Think Olga, 86% of Brazilian women have been sexually harassed in night clubs. Even though women say “no”, men can’t seem to get the message. Unfortunately, many men claim they don’t see when harassment happens, because they think the women are “just playing” or unreasonably complaining. That does not help to change this scenario.

In order to raise awareness of this huge problem of women harassment prevention, we asked ourselves: how can we use IoT wearable technology to show what many men claim they don’t see? How can we create a successful experiential marketing campaign based on wearables design?