Nivea’s glow up: Establishing digital presence on skincare

Experience Design for Skincare

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Understanding skincare needs to design a digital platform for a major cosmetics company

When it comes to skincare, Nivea is a tried and true brand. In an award promoted by Revista Seleções, the Brazilian version of Reader’s Digest, Nivea ranked #1 as the most trusted brand in the skin products category. 

Even as a household name, the company, which is part of the German conglomerate Beiersdorf, had some catching up to do online. A brick-and-mortar staple, Nivea was lacking critical e-commerce and digital presence. Nivea was ready for a virtual extreme makeover, and Questtono Manyone was ready to take on the challenge.

Knowledge is key

When Nivea knocked on our door, they already had a key insight: “We need a digital service that can support the makeup industry”. Now, the challenge was how to create a solution that supports their existing business model, all while translating the same confidence and success found in-store to the digital world. 

With a broad portfolio of skincare products, the first step would be to understand clients’ needs and frustrations. After a round of interviews with consumers of different ages and backgrounds, we discovered that a major roadblock was the lack of knowledge.

“We learned that there are many women out there who wants to start or even step up their skincare routine, but they don’t know where or how to begin; some of them can’t even tell if their skin is oily or dry”, says Mariana Gastal, Questtono Manyone’s strategists who led this project. 

Alongside Nivea’s directors, we concluded that the company’s first independent virtual presence wouldn’t be purely commercial, but humane, using a friendly approach to help women of all backgrounds navigate the skincare world responsibly and safely. 

Design for skincare

We gathered a diverse and multidisciplinary crew to create a simplified and empowering user journey. In four weeks, our team designed a product that would walk each user through a digital skin evaluation and suggest personalized routines and treatments that meet their skincare goals and needs. 

To enrich the process and ensure we were providing the best advice, we consulted with one of Nivea’s top skin specialists who trains their own in-house consultant “army” of women who help consumers choose the best products for their skin.

Questtono Manyone developed not only the service and experience design but also created the visual identity and communication touchpoints for this new digital tool.

Once the concept and CX were defined, we plugged in our Ignition program to bring the idea to life. In four months, we developed all coding, algorithms, and photo production to deliver an MVP.

Expanding digital presence

The platform that Questtono Manyone delivered to Nivea enables the company to build an intimate, respectful, and helpful relationship with existing and new clients. 

Customers are given the option to have a detailed skincare routine, or an “express” one, consisting of fewer but assertive products, further empowering customers by delivering services that relate to their specific lifestyle needs.

“The methodology applied by Questonnó Manyone guided and speeded up the construction process, respecting the concept of co-creation. In addition to provocative and inspiring discussions, I emphasize the ability to materialize, through frameworks and design, as the asset that generated the most value. From the beginning, it was agreed that the premise to be respected would be: Focus on the consumer, oriented by design. The end product, therefore, delivers a simple, relevant user experience that has been proven (and iterated) with every NPS response. The project became an inspiration, as it is a fundamentally offline business that has seen itself well rebuilt in digital.”, said Thales Zutin, NIVEA Precision Marketing, and dCRM Manager

After their digital consultation and product(s) recommendation, customers also have the chance to connect with Nivea skincare professionals to have a one-on-one follow-up conversation as well.

This new digital ecosystem builds on the existing relationship Nivea has with their client base and opens new doors beyond their traditional sales channels while remaining true to who they are: skincare you can trust.

Since its launch, the program has registered over 1,000 active users per day, with a conversion rate of over 40%.

This project has received a Silver medal in the 2021 Brasil Design Award, in the category: Digital Design – Apps.