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Our CX approach and strategy to help build an integrated health platform for Raia Drogasil, Brazil’s top pharmaceutical retailer and an ally of people

Over half of the entire adult population in Brazil suffers from at least one chronic condition, and every person dealing with it has a unique journey. Raia Drogasil wants to walk along with them all.

One of the largest pharmacy chains in Brazil, boasting 2100 active pharmacies in 23 states, Raia Drogasil wants to go above and beyond to fully embrace its ambitious goals to help people live healthier lives.

The company trusted Questtono Manyone to deep dive and understand the needs of people with chronic conditions, aiming for both short and long-term future solutions that eventually led to the creation of a new health ecosystem.

CX strategy for a new health ecosystem

Chronic conditions are one of the biggest health problems in the world. They are associated with premature death, the loss of quality of life, and elevated costs both for society and the health industry.

To pin down a final destination and visualize what this project would look like, we first had to lay out the map and narrow down each step of the way. We started this journey by conducting an in-depth investigation of the challenges and needs of patients with chronic conditions.

To dive deeper into this process, we narrowed the interviews down to those dealing with depression, diabetes, and hypertension – the most common in Brazil.

For the first step of the process, we conducted ethnographic research in 3 different capital cities in different regions in Brazil. We interviewed a great number of people while doing home visits, where we were able to get a close look at how healthcare impacted their personal routines.

Afterward, we held focus groups with these patients so they could share their experiences with our research and strategy team. In these sessions, we listened and learned how each of them emotionally connects with their diagnoses and treatments, how they deal with pain, and what their personal needs are towards health.

The main discovery was that the lack of connection between different health products and services was a pain point on the user’s journey, and a new proposal would have to integrate these elements in a friendlier way.

We also found out that there was room for improvement in the interaction between consumers and pharmacy, and this was a key element to transform the pharmacy experience into a health hub that focuses on well-being. 

Lastly, we held design sprint sessions to help create innovative solutions for these people and visualize it graphically.

“The main point of the project was the respectful, humane, and strategic approach we had for chronic conditions. To get into people’s lives and truly understand how they relate to it. It changed our mindset so that we could propose how people and institutions can humanize this treatment”, says Livia Germano, researcher and strategist at Questtonó Manyone.

Diagnose: an integrated health platform

The project broke several paradigms within the company and helped to bring a new business approach: that it would no longer have just a transactional role, but a relational one with the customer. Raia Drogasil then changes from a pharmaceutical retailer to a diversified player in the healthcare market.

Our delivery consisted of a strategy report with mapped user journeys and a contextualized approach on business the main problems regarding chronic conditions for their clients.

“The fragmentation of products and services was a big pain point for the people, and a solid health platform brings it all together. Now, the company expands its reach in ways other than pharmacy, delivering an integrated experience for its customers,” says Luiza Rudge, Director of Research & Strategy at Questtono Manyone.

“The most important part of this project had to do with how we looked at the client, which came from Questtono Manyone’s CX methodology. Approaching the customer in a different way brought an important culture change for us, which is reflected in all the initiatives that are taking place now”, says Kelly Cristina Melo, Customer Experience Manager at Raia Drogasil.