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Beer by all, for all


consumer goods


visual identity

An experience of consuming beer that brings closer those who produce it, those who know it, and those who love it.

In order to connect different agents in the beer industry, our approach could only be systemic. This is how the first platform dedicated to qualifying craft beer brewers emerged.

Working with startups has allowed us to witness an exponential rise in the fundamental role Design plays for every kind of business: increasing relevance so to attract consumers and investments. We joined forces with PEER2BEER to build an experience that connects amateur producers, specialists, and beer lovers in a constructive chain.


Our main challenge was to conciliate all parties’ demands and interests – from building the business model to actually designing the service itself. We developed the whole journey taking into account what the platform means to each user. This directly influences the reasoning that supports how the service design takes place. To materialize the experience, we applied our UX skills and developed a brand strategy and visual identity that grant personality and relevance to the service.

The result surpasses barriers of the business itself, for the benefit of the entire industry. PEER2BEER forms a collaborative network that promotes the exchange of knowledge and beer, and boosts the qualification of craft beer brewers in return – contributing towards the universalized access to the beer industry. Everyone plays an important role all the way through the experience – including home brewers (nicknamed panelinhas), reviewers (the general audience), and the team of specialists at PEER2BEER, composed of master brewers and sommeliers.

The world is made up of transformations – all we need to do is make them happen. The partnership between PEER2BEER and Questtonó is part of our desire to invest in new ideas.  Working with start-ups is a way to watch solutions rapidly conquer the world, producing a positive and significant effect on people’s lives.

Positive and significant effect on people's lives.